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This is a blog dedicated to the tv series "Luther" This blog will only contain gifs. sociopaths

I’m honoured to have worked by his side.

jenny jones; " listen, officer whoever, i’ve seen stuff you wouldn’t even believe, so best not patronise me."

"I’m not going to say I haven’t done stupid things. I have. I’ve done stupid things, really stupid. But I was trying to help people. And I, you know, it just got… Kind of like when your car goes into a skid and they tell you, you know, ‘turn into the skid’, and then, you find yourself coasting - trying to hang on and hoping that somehow you’ll straighten out before you… get to the edge." 

Anonymous: i think we can all agree that the show needs Alice. Btw, beautiful blog :) 

Ditto. Thank you!

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